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Braxton's Crafted Luxuries LLC is a company that strives to bring the best craftsmanship and opulent finishes, to the discerning individuals seeking perfection. The versatile background of the founder, provides access to very unique craftsmanship and knowledge in the process of beautifying, transforming, or restoring environments. 





     Braxton Lee Belving began his decorative painting career with an apprenticeship with world-renown, master decorative painter, Andre Martinez. After earning his stripes and gaining trust with Andre, Braxton was allowed to burgeon out and have access to other accomplished artists like Gary Gomez owner of G-Go Decorative.  Recent clients include Cleo Parker Robinson School of Dance. Braxton has been commissioned by numerous, distinguished clients throughout the Denver-metro & surrounding areas including Evergreen, Cherry Creek, Castle Pines and the Highlands. He has worked with several well-known decorative painters such as Gary Gomez & colleagues that are recognized on the national and international stage. Braxton is a respected individual, trusted among peers, and is frequently called on to assist in large-scale installations by some of the most sought-after professionals in the field of decorative painting. 

     He has obtained special insight into proprietary processes through close relations with a preferred

distributor, EcoWall, the manufacturer of a wide selection of fine-finishing specialty-products. Braxton is on the lifelong journey of seeking mastery over dozens of technical applications using various materials and surface treatments including Venetian plaster, Faux Bois, Grotesque, Trompe l'Oeil, Gilding, as well as several other classic techniques. His repertoire is ever expanding. His talent goes far beyond mere faux finishing as he is consistently achieving a high-level of excellence, upholding impeccable standards and maintaining good business-practices, in residential spaces, as well as the public sphere. Before launching his business, Braxton graduated the Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute in 2013.


     With 15 years of prior experience in construction and remodeling ahead of his decorative apprenticeship with Andre, Braxton has been equipped with the expertise to work confidently and competitively with almost any facet of residential, commercial, interiors, exteriors, new construction or antique restorations. Braxton Crafted Luxuries delivers stunning transformations tailored to your unique setting or circumstances with delicate care, pristine quality, skillful execution, and refined disposition one would expect from a high end retailer that caters to a sophisticated audience, and truly specializes in providing "Opulent finishes for the discerning individual."



Denver Colorado





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